Saturday, November 14, 2015

Space Chef - A Fun App Introducing Kids to Healthy Foods

Space Chef is a fun new iPad app from the Lawrence Hall of Science. The purpose of the app is to introduce students to healthy foods and recipes that they may not have ever tried or even heard about.

Space Chef features a fast-paced game in which students have to quickly grab the ingredients for a recipe. The ingredients scroll past them in three streams or flight paths. Students are shown a recipe at the top of the screen and they must grab the appropriate ingredients as they stream across the screen. The thirty second video embedded below provides a glimpse of the game in action.

Applications for Education
Playing Space Chef could be a great way for students to be introduced to new and healthy foods. The game is suitable for elementary and middle school students. To follow up the game play, ask your students to explore what makes these foods healthy. Another follow-up to the game play is to ask your students to think about the snacks that they could take out of their diets and replace with healthier options.

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