Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The World of 7 Billion - A Student Video Contest

The World of 7 Billion is a video contest designed to get students to think about issues related to population growth. The contest asks middle school and high school students to produce sixty second videos about how population growth impacts one of the following three issues; deforestation, public health, or water scarcity. Students' videos must also propose a sustainable solution to the issues that they choose to highlight in their videos. Submissions are due by February 25, 2016.

Applications for Education
Creating a video for the World of 7 Billion contest could be a good opportunity for students to incorporate and demonstrate their understanding of topics that they have studied in science and in geography. The 60 second limit on the videos will force students to be concise.

If your students have Chromebooks or Windows laptops, I recommend using WeVideo to create videos for this contest. In a Mac or iPad environment, I would use iMovie. Click here for my complete list of video creation resources.

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