Monday, December 21, 2015

ClassHook Helps You Find Educational Video Clips

It is not a secret that I love using video clips to enhance or develop a lesson plan. In fact, I've often joked that I became a teacher so that I could run the filmstrip projector (if you get that reference, you were in school in the 80's or earlier). Even with great video libraries like YouTube and Next Vista for Learning finding the right video to illustrate a point can take a while. That's where a service like ClassHook can be helpful.

ClassHook is a new service that seeks to help you find video clips to support your lessons. The clips that you'll find in ClassHook come from well-known television shows and movies. You can find video clips on ClassHook by selecting a topic and browsing through the collection. ClassHook also has a search tool that allows you to enter a term and look for related movie and television show clips.

Applications for Education
ClassHook could save you time the next time that you're searching for a video clip to support a point in your lesson plan. It could also be helpful in finding a video to build a flipped lesson upon.

ClassHook uses YouTube as its source of videos. Create a YouTube playlist to organize the clips that you find through ClassHook.