Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Create Interactive Year-in-Review Videos on Wideo

As the end of the year approaches we will start to see a lot of year-in-review news videos. Many of those videos will be simple montages of images set to music. Your students can do the same thing using any number of free video editing tools. If they use Wideo.co they can make their videos interactive.

Wideo.co allows you to create videos with images that you upload to the site and or use imagery from their galleries. You can insert interactive buttons into each frame of your video. The buttons can be hyperlinked to any webpage that you like. When people are watching your video they can click the buttons to be taken to the webpage you want them to land on.

Applications for Education
Students could use Wideo to create year-in-review videos about news stories. Have them use Wideo's interactive buttons to link to complete reports about each news story that they include in their videos.