Tuesday, December 15, 2015

eduClipper Adds New Portfolio Design and Clipping Options

Users of the popular eduClipper iPad app will notice some helpful new features the next time they update. The latest version of eduClipper includes new theme and layout options for your students' digital portfolios. They can now select from a wide range of colors to use as the background in their portfolios. Portfolio layout choices have greatly expanded. The new layout choices might remind you of the layout options common in photo collage tools like Pic Monkey.

eduClipper's latest version uses a more streamlined approach to creating binders, clipboards, and portfolios. All three options are now on the same screen. Just tap eduBinders, eduClipboards, or Portfolios when you want to add to, delete, or just view content on one of the three content creation options.

Of course, all of the features that you already enjoy in eduClipper, including the option to make flipped classroom videos, are still available in the free iPad app.

Disclosure: I have a small advisory role with eduClipper.