Sunday, December 20, 2015

Try Presefy to Share Presentations to Your Students' Mobile Devices

Update: As of March 2020 this service is no longer available. 

Presefy is a neat service that you can use to share your presentations to your students' mobile devices. Through Presefy you can control your slides from your computer or from the browser in your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or any other mobile device that has a web browser.  When you advance the slides in your presentation the slides also advance on your students' mobile devices. Your students can take notes as they follow along with your slides.

To share your presentations just create a Presefy account and upload a PPTX or PDF file. Your account is given a channel name and URL. Share that URL with your students, have them enter it into their browsers, and they can follow along as you advance your slides. Learn more about Presefy in the video below.

The free version of Presefy allows you to store two presentations at a time. You can delete and replace presentations in the free account.

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