Thursday, January 15, 2015

10 Charts Comparing Popular Ed Tech Tools

Over the last six weeks of 2014 I published a series of charts comparing popular ed tech tools. Judging by the number of visits to those posts, the charts were popular. Someone asked me this week if I had put them all together in one place. I hadn't until now. In this Google Drive folder you will find ten charts comparing popular ed tech tools.

The charts in the folder cover the following categories of tools:
  • Alternatives to Google Image Search
  • Backchannel and informal assessment tools
  • Building classroom websites
  • Building classroom blogs
  • Creating multimedia textbooks
  • Creating multimedia quizzes
  • Audio editing tools
  • Multimedia timeline tools
  • Mind-mapping tools
  • Mobile video creation apps

ClassDojo Releases a Streamlined New App - Now You Can Send Pictures Too

Earlier this week I had a Google+ Hangout with Manoj Lamba from ClassDojo. He gave me an overview of the new ClassDojo iOS and Android apps that were released today. The new apps streamline workflow and communication for teachers. Now instead of having to use one app for messaging and one app for recording information about your students, you can do both from the one ClassDojo mobile app. On the parent and student side of things they can now check individual reports and use the messaging service from one app.

The other big update to ClassDojo's mobile apps is the ability to send pictures in messages. Teachers can send pictures of events that are happening in school. Sending pictures could also be a good way to show parents something their children created in school.

Applications for Education
ClassDojo's redesigned mobile app should make it easier than ever for teachers to keep parents informed about their students' progress. Of course, the messaging feature still hides the personal contact information of the teacher and the of the parents. Parents have to opt-in to receive messages from the teacher. Teachers can still send messages to groups or to individual parents.

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