Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Classroom Blog Add-ons - A Playlist of Tutorials

Once you have your basic classroom blog created, you'll probably find that there are some additional features you want to incorporate. You may also find that you want to create back-up copies of blog entries and or change viewing permissions for your classroom blog. All of those topics and more are covered in my playlist of videos called Classroom Blog Add-ons. The playlist is embedded below.

Design Magazine Covers With Canva's New Templates

Canva is an excellent tool for design and creating image collages, flyers, slides, and infographics. I've featured it a handful of times since its initial launch. Most recently I published a video about how to create a collage in Canva. This week Canva released a bunch of new template sets that anyone can use. One of those new template sets is for creating magazine covers.

The magazine cover template set in Canva includes a mix of free and paid templates. There are enough free templates, fonts, and color customizations that most students will never need the paid templates.

Applications for Education
In a social studies class I might have students use the Canva magazine templates to create covers that serve as summaries of the week in news. In that sense they would make covers resembling The Economist or Newsweek.

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