Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Use Padlet - My Most Popular Tutorial Video

This evening I was doing a sorting of videos in my YouTube channel. I moved some older, sample videos from public to private. I also took a look at the viewing statistics for my Practical Ed Tech playlist and noticed that my tutorial on Padlet is by far the most viewed video I have ever made. There are now more than 79,000 views of it. I am thrilled that it has helped so many people. The video is embedded below. And if you want to use to in a resource page on your own site or blog, please feel free to do the same.

Halloween Writing Lessons from BoomWriter

Every month BoomWriter publishes a new set of vocabulary words to incorporate into writing lessons for elementary and middle school students. The vocabulary word sets are aligned to seasons and holidays. This month the vocabulary set has a Halloween theme.

The new Halloween-themed vocabulary lesson plans can be conducted through their free WordWriter service. WordWriter allows teachers to create vocabulary lists that they want students to incorporate into a writing assignment. The new Halloween-themed lesson plans include pre-made lists of Halloween-themed words for your students to use in the writing assignment that you distribute to them.

If you haven't tried BoomWriter or WordWriter before, check out my demonstration videos embedded below. The first video shows just the perspective of the teacher. The second video shows the perspective of a student receiving an assignment.

Disclosure: BoomWriter is an advertiser on

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