Monday, January 25, 2016

A Math Review App in English and Spanish

Math Vocabulary Cards is a free iPad app designed for elementary school students. The app offers exactly what its name implies, a series of flashcards of mathematics vocabulary terms. Each card contains a term, a diagram, and a definition. By default the term is hidden and students have to guess the term based on the definition and diagram. Students can also use the cards with the definitions hidden and the terms revealed. Math Vocabulary Cards can be used in Spanish or English. Simply select a language at the bottom of each card. Students can browse through the entire gallery of flashcards or choose a specific category of terms to study.

Applications for Education
For many students a visual glossary of mathematics terms is the little extra help that they need to understand a math problem. An app like Math Vocabulary Cards could provide the glossary that a student needs.

The bilingual aspect of Math Vocabulary Cards could make it a good choice for students who live in homes in which English is not the first language.