Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Seven Part Guide to Video Editing Fundamentals

Wistia is a great video hosting tool that I've written about in the past. Besides using it to host videos, I've used it to convert video file formats.

Wistia's learning center offers a lot of good advice for new and veteran video creators. Recently, they published a new seven part guide to video editing basics. The guide covers choosing your editing software, transferring footage and organizing projects, finding and assembling the best takes from live action video, trimming the head and tail of footage, adding music and B-roll, exporting a proof, and wrapping-up the project. Each part of the guide includes sample videos to demonstrate the topics discussed.

Applications for Education
Wistia's seven part guide to video editing basics was created for people who want to make videos for their small businesses. That said, the concepts in the guide are universal and could easily be applied to videos that your students create.