Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Plickers Now Offers Scoresheets for Reviewing Students' Progress

Plickers is my favorite student response tool for classrooms in which not every student has his or her own tablet or laptop. Plickers makes it easy to semi-anonymously gather feedback from students. Students simply hold up a card with a QR code to vote and you scan the cards with your phone or tablet. You can scan the whole room in one swoop and have results instantly appear on your screen.

This week Plickers released a new feature for keeping track of how your students respond to your questions. The new Plickers Scoresheet allows you to see your students' responses to multiple questions in one convenient scoresheet. On your scoresheet you can choose to display every question that you have asked your students over a given range of dates. The scoresheet gives you the option to show all question responses or drill down to see how students have performed on an individual question over a range of dates. And all scoresheets can be downloaded as a spreadsheet to analyze offline.

To access your Plickers Scoresheet simply choose "scoresheet" from the "reports" menu in your Plickers dashboard.

Applications for Education
Plickers Scoresheet should be a great tool for keeping track of your students' progress on a given question or type of question over a period of time. The scoresheet should help you identify the type of questions that you need to ask more or less frequently in your classroom.