Sunday, January 10, 2016

Three Thematic Mapping Tutorials

This morning on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page I received a question from someone seeking a thematic mapping tool that her students can use. My initial thought was to use Google's My Maps tool. Recognizing that not everyone is in love with Google products, I will also frequently suggest using National Geographic's Map Maker tool and or using Scribble Maps. Embedded below are tutorial videos for all three thematic mapping tools.

Scribble Maps provides a variety of base layer maps on which you can draw freehand, add placemarks, add image overlays, and type across the map. Scribble Maps will work in the web browser on your laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or Android tablet. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to use Scribble Maps.

National Geographic's Mapmaker Interactive can be a good alternative to using Google Maps in your classroom. Mapmaker Interactive offers a number of features that students and teachers can utilize without the need to enter an email address or register to use the Mapmaker tools. Those tools include measuring distances, adding placemarks, layering information, and switching between base map layers. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of the features in National Geographic's Mapmaker Interactive.

I have a three part series on using Google's My Maps tools. My favorite feature of My Maps is the option to import spreadsheet data and have it mapped for you.

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