Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Ways Your Students Can Create Digital Valentine's Day Greetings

With Valentine's Day coming up next weekend I'm reminded of filling out little Valentine's Day cards in elementary school. In talking with a friend who teaches elementary school, she confirmed that many classes still do that. Besides paper cards there are other options for creating Valentine's Day greetings.

Animoto has video templates for almost every occasion including Valentine's Day. Students could put together a montage of images about Valentine's Day.

Buncee offers a great option for creating digital greeting cards. Students can choose from a huge assortment of images, animations, and video clips to insert into a blank template. Students can add choose from a huge assortment of font styles to use when writing their greetings. Whatever students create on Buncee can be shared via email and or can be downloaded and printed as a PDF.

Canva, like Buncee, offers a huge assortment of templates for creating cards that can be printed as PDFs or PNG files. Unlike Buncee, Canva only offers static images and not animations to use in digital cards.

Pic-Collage for Kids is a free iPad app that students can use to create collages. In the app students can search for and use digital stamps and stickers. Many of those stamps and stickers are appropriate for Valentine's Day. Students' collages can be saved and printed.

Storyboard That is currently offering a guide to teaching Valentine's Day lessons with storyboards. Included in that guide is a template for creating Valentine's Day cards in which students can create monologues or dialogues for characters that they insert into their cards.

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