Thursday, March 10, 2016

3 Google Docs Options First Time Users Often Ask About

Earlier this week I led a short workshop for first-time Google Docs users in a school district near my home. I have facilitated these kinds of workshops on a regular basis for the last seven years. Over those years I've compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked by new users. Here are three of those questions and their answers.

1. Can I use landscape formatting in Google Docs?
Yes, if you open the "file" menu then choose "page setup" you will have the option to switch from portrait to landscape orientation. In that same setup screen you will have the option to change margin sizes and change the page's background color.

2. Can I use/ edit documents that I have saved on my computer?
Yes, you can import Word documents into your Google Drive account. To import a document select "file upload" from the "new" menu in the upper-left corner of your Google Drive dashboard. To edit the document you will need select "convert uploaded files to Google Docs format" within the settings menu in your Google Drive dashboard. The settings menu is found by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Google Drive dashboard.

3. What if I accidentally delete a document?
When you delete a Google Document it goes into your trash bin in Google Drive. Unless you empty your trash bin, your accidentally deleted Google Document can be recovered from your trash bin. To recover a Google Document open the trash bin in your Google Drive dashboard, right-click on your document's name, then select "restore."

Topics like this one and many more will be covered during this summer's Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp. Chromebook Camp is designed for people who are new to using Google Apps and Chromebooks in school. The camp will also be valuable for technology coaches and administrators who are looking for tips on training teachers in their schools. 

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