Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wikipedia Releases an Updated App for Exploring Interesting Content

The Wikimedia Foundation has released a new version of their Wikipedia iPad and iPhone app. The latest version, available now, features an aspect they're calling the Explore feed. The Explore feed will provide users with personalized content updated daily. In the Explore feed users will see featured articles of the day, recommended articles based on reading history, featured images, and nearby articles (enable location services on your iOS device). The rest of the app includes improved search and sharing functions.

Applications for Education
While Wikipedia isn't a site that I let my students cite in their research, it is a place that I'll let them explore content to get ideas for resources to consult. It's also a place to let students explore some of their intellectual curiosities.

If you find yourself wondering how Wikipedia works or you find yourself explaining it to someone else, the following Common Craft video can be helpful.