Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Google Calendar Now Helps You Find Mutual Meeting Times

Parts of this post originally appeared on my other blog, Android4Schools

A couple of weeks ago Google added a goal setting feature to Google Calendar that helps you identify times to work on personal goals like exercising or reading for pleasure. Today, Google put some of that same technology into a new Google Calendar for Android feature that helps you identify meeting times with colleagues.

The new scheduling feature works with shared Google Calendars created within Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Work. When you need to schedule a meeting with colleagues with whom you have shared a calendar, simply tap the new “find a time” option that appears when you create the meeting event in your Google Calendar. When you tap “find a time” Google Calendar will identify potential meeting times for spaces that are open on your shared calendars.

Applications for Education
The new “find a time” feature in Google Calendar for Android could be a great tool for teachers who work on teams. It could also be useful to guidance counselors and other specialists who need to coordinate times for meeting with teachers and students.

“Find a time” is currently available only through Google Calendar for Android, but could soon be available on iPhones too.