Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Create Self-paced Review Quizzes on Quizzy

Quizzy is a free tool that allows you to quickly create and publish self-paced review quizzes for your students. After I reviewed it last week I received a few emails from folks who had some questions about how it works. I created the following video to answer those questions and more. The nice thing about Quizzy is that your students don't need to create usernames and passwords to take your practice quizzes. The downside to that is you don't have a good way to see which students have used your review quizzes and which students haven't used your review quiz.

Applications for Education
As you may have noticed in the video, you can print Quizzy quizzes with just one click in your Quizzy account.

Quizzy could be a good tool for creating practice quizzes for your students. At this time Quizzy doesn't have a mechanism for you to record students' scores on the quizzes that they take.

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