Saturday, May 7, 2016

4 Google Apps for Education Updates You Might Have Missed This Week

It seems like this spring Google is rolling out three or new Google Apps features every week. Last month they added 11 new features. This week three new features were added and one big feature was teased.

This week Google added an awesome Q&A feature to Google Slides. The Q&A feature is found in the revamped presentation mode of Google Slides. With the Q&A feature enabled you can send your audience to a specific URL at which they enter questions. Your audience can vote for their favorite questions.

This week's other update to Google Slides was the addition of a "laser pointer" feature in the presentation mode. That feature allows you to highlight portion of your slides for your audience.

Watch the video below to learn how the new laser pointer and Q&A features work in Google Slides.

A frequently requested feature was added to Google Classroom earlier this week. That feature is the option to schedule assignments and announcements to appear in your classroom stream at a later time. The video embedded below shows you how to do this.

Finally, this week Google announced that by this coming fall (in the Northern Hemisphere) you will be able to invite parents to view a digest of updates to your Google Classroom stream. This should make it much easier to keep parents informed of assignments and announcements.

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