Saturday, May 7, 2016

ReadWorks Introduces ReadWorks Digital for Sharing Reading Assignments With Students

ReadWorks is a great service that I've featured in at least twenty blog posts since it launched a few years ago. ReadWorks offers free standards-aligned reading lesson plans for K-12 classrooms. In addition to lesson plans ReadWorks offers a huge libray of fiction and non-fiction literature that you can search according to topic and grade level. All articles in ReadWorks are listed with a lexile score and suggested grade level.

Next week ReadWorks is launching ReadWorks Digital. ReadWorks Digital is a service that will allow you to send reading assignments to students, have them take short quizzes about those reading assignments, and grade the assignments online. This is a departure from how ReadWorks currently works as you currently have to print all assignments or email them as PDF attachments. Watch the video below to learn more about ReadWorks digital and check back here next week for complete tutorial on the service.

Applications for Education
One of the aspects of ReadWorks that I like is that lexile scores are listed for each article. ReadWorks makes it easy to find fiction and non-fiction articles that are appropriate for your students.

With a free ReadWorks account you can search for lessons and reading passages by grade level, lexile score, reading skill, subject area, and text type (fiction or non-fiction). In your ReadWorks account you can create digital binders of the lesson plans and reading passages that you want to use.

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