Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sugar Scanner Shows You How Much Sugar You're Consuming

Over the years I've shared a bunch of resources addressing the topic of sugar consumption. Some of those resources include a video about why we crave sugar, how sugar affects the human body, and how much sugar is present in commonly consumed beverages. Last night the developer of another resource on the topic of sugar consumption sent me an email about his site called Sugar Scanner.

Sugar Scanner provides visitors with an index of popular foods and beverages. Visitors can select junk food, fruits, vegetables, beverages from the index. Once a selection is made visitors see an image of the food or beverage next to a stack of sugar cubes.

Applications for Education
Sugar Scanner could be a good resource for health and physical education teachers who are trying to encourage students to make better snack food choices. The visuals on Sugar Scanner make it easy for students to understand how much sugar they're consuming.

Sugar Scanner also has a small collection of videos about sugar consumption.