Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PrepFactory Introduces Great, New Practice Activities for Middle School Students

PrepFactory is a popular service that for years has offered great, self-paced SAT and ACT preparation activities. For the new school year PrepFactory has expanded to offer self-paced math and language arts lessons for middle school students.

The self-paced lessons and activities in the new middle school section in PrepFactory reflect the recent changes to the site as a whole. Now when students sign into their PrepFactory accounts they have the option to read a passage of information about each topic or skill in a category and or watch videos on each topic or skill in a category. Students can choose to practice skills in the areas of mathematics, reading, or English/ writing.

As students work their way through a set of practice activities they can avail themselves of helpful hints hyperlinked at the top of each activity. Video review is also available to students. Students are provided with instant feedback after each question or problem in a section. If a student answers incorrectly, he will be given an explanation of why his answer was wrong. The question will also cycle through again for the student to attempt it again.

To avoid monotony, PrepFactory varies the practice activities within every section that a student uses. For example, in the English section students will see fill-in-the-blank, sorting, multiple choice, and short response questions in random sequences.

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