Monday, October 10, 2016

MySimpleShow Adds a Convenient New Way to Create Flipped Video Lessons

MySimpleShow is a great tool for creating explanatory videos. I've been raving about it since I first tried during the summer. It has also been a hit in many of my workshops. The thing that I, and many others, love about MySimpleShow is that students have to create a script in order to produce a video through MySimpleShow.

This week, MySimpleShow introduced a new option for creating and using scripts in the production of videos. The new option lets students upload PowerPoint files and use the contents of those files as their scripts. Learn more about how this works by watching the one minute video embedded below.

Students who use PowerPoint files as the basis of their MySimpleShow videos can still avail themselves of MySimpleShow's text to speech function for narration, can use suggested art work, and edit their stories just as if they had written their scripts in MySimpleShow.

Applications for Education
The new PowerPoint importation option in MySimpleShow provides students with a great way to turn presentations that they have given in your classroom into explanatory videos to share on the web. Likewise, the new PowerPoint importation feature gives teachers a good way to create flipped video lessons based on slides that they have developed for classroom presentations.

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