Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Schedule of Twitter Chats

Participating in a Twitter chat or simply following a specific hashtag can be a good way to connect with other educators for a great exchange of ideas. The challenge for teachers who are new to Twitter is finding Twitter chats and hashtags. Jerry Blumengarten has the solution to that challenge. On Jerry's site you can find a schedule of education Twitter chats. The schedule is written in Google Calendar with times for each chat.

If you would rather just follow a hashtag, Jerry has a list of more than 300 hashtags used by educators on Twitter.

Keeping up with the speed of a Twitter chat can be a challenge for many of us. Tchat.io was created to address that challenge. Tchat.io allows you to enter any hashtag that you want to follow. Through Tchat.io you can follow all of the Tweets associated with a hashtag in real-time or you can hit the pause button if things are going too quickly for you. You can also tell Tchat.io to ignore reTweets for a given hashtag.