Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jumble Mode Is a New Way to Play Kahoot Games

Earlier today while creating a chart to compare features of popular quiz game tools I noticed that Kahoot has a new formatting option called Jumble Mode. The jumble mode lets you create quiz games in which students sort answer choices instead of just picking one correct answer from a multiple choice or true/false question. The jumble mode is still a beta product which means that you can currently try quizzes that have jumble mode, but you can't yet create your won jumble mode quizzes. A selection of jumble mode quizzes is available in this Kahoot blog post.

I played a Kahoot quiz in jumble mode this morning. The concept is solid. There is one thing that needs to be improved in the jumble mode. When students play a quiz in jumble mode they still have to look up at the screen in the front of the room to see the question and answer choices. Like all other Kahoot games, in jumble mode, students only see four colored shapes on their devices. Shifting attention between the screen in the front of the room and the screen in your hands adds a bit of a disconnect between the question and the answer choices. This is the same complaint that I've had about Kahoot's format for years.

Applications for Education
Once it is available to all teachers, Kahoot's jumble mode could prove to be a good way to create sequencing and sorting quiz games. When I first saw jumble mode I immediately thought of using it to create a game in which students put a series of historical events into their proper chronological sequence.

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