Sunday, November 6, 2016

Make Beliefs Comix Offers a Free Book of Bilingual Writing Prompts

Make Beliefs Comix is a free web and iOS app that offers a huge collection of comic templates for students. One of the features that you'll find on the website is a set of editable ebooks for students to write in. One of the newer additions to the collection is a book titled A Book of Questions.

A Book of Questions is an editable ebook that offers dozens of questions designed to get elementary school students thinking and writing. The prompts are written in English and in Spanish.

All of the Make Beliefs Comix ebooks can be completed online. Alternatively, you can print the books of writing prompts and distribute individual pages to your students.

Applications for Education
All of the Make Beliefs Comix e-books provide a nice source of writing prompts for elementary school and middle school students. If your classroom does not have enough computers for every student, take a look at the Make Beliefs Comix printable templates to use as writing prompts.