Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Month in Review - January's Most Popular Posts on Free Technology for Teachers

Good evening from Woodstock, Maine where we had a beautiful sunset on the last day of January, 2016. As I do at the end of every month, I've assembled a list of the most popular posts. The list is based on views and shares of posts throughout the previous 30 days.

Here are the most popular posts of the month:
1. Click to Spin - A Fun and Free Random Name Picker
2. 4 Helpful Gmail Settings for Teachers & Students
3. 10 Good Video Sources for Social Studies Teachers and Students
4. Google Books for Teachers and Students - A Guide
5. 16 Ways to Use TinyTap in Your Classroom
6. Ten Good Video Sources for Science Teachers and Students
7. 5 Great Things You Can Do With Google Sheets
8. Choosito - A Search Engine With Reading Level Index
9. 82 Google Tools Tutorial Videos
10. ClassDojo's Big Ideas Teaches Kids About Growth Mindset

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Create a Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts

If you're like me, you might have utilize more than one cloud storage service. I use Google Drive most often, but I also use Dropbox and Box too. MultCloud is a service that allows me to tie them all together in one place. MultCloud does more than just provide a single log-in for all of the cloud services that I use. It also allows me to move files between services with a simple drag-and-drop.

By connecting your cloud storage services through MultCloud you create a single dashboard page on which you can view and access the files within all of your cloud storage accounts. To move a file between the services you just select a file from one service and drag it to the other.

Applications for Education
If your school hasn't adopted a standard cloud storage platform for all teachers and students, MultCloud could be a great tool for organizing files strewn across multiple cloud storage services.

Two Easy Ways to Create QR Codes to Use In Your Classroom

QR codes make it easy to quickly share important information with students. Through a QR code you can share links to websites and Google Documents (provided you have set sharing permissions to "anyone with the link") for your students to open on their tablets or phones. You can share links to Google Calendars or to specific calendar events that students then sync to the calendars on their mobile devices. In the video embedded below I demonstrate two ways to quickly create QR codes.

The two tools featured in the video are QR Droid and

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