Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Create a Google Earth Tour

Google Earth can be used for all kinds of lessons in math (see Real World Math), science (try these resources), and language arts (try Google Lit Trips) in addition to the obvious social studies applications. One of the best ways to use Google Earth in social studies and in language arts is to have your students create narrated tours of significant places. Those places might be the sites of significant events in history, the setting of a favorite book, or a favorite place close to home.

In the video below I demonstrate how to quickly create a Google Earth tour, how to save a Google Earth tour, and how to share a Google Earth tour.

How to Create Kahoot Games

For the last eleven months "create Kahoot games" and "Kahoot" have been the most frequently searched terms on this blog. While I have published videos about specific parts of Kahoot, until today I didn't have a video on the complete Kahoot creation experience. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to create a Kahoot game from scratch, how to use Kahoot games created by other teachers, and how to play a Kahoot game.

A Reminder About Black Friday Electronics

Sadly, Thanksgiving in the United States has almost become synonymous with the start of holiday shopping season. On the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, retailers everywhere will put all manner of products on sale. It can be a good opportunity to save money on something that you have been planning to purchase. But when it comes to electronics many of the products that appear to be deeply discounted aren't as good as the products that cost just a little bit more sitting next to them on the shelf. So if you're planning to buy a Chromebook, a phone, a laptop, or some other electronic on Black Friday, do a bit research and see if you can get a much better product for marginally more money.

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