Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Use Pixiclip to Create Instructional Videos

Pixiclip is a free tool for creating simple instructional videos. I featured it in the Practical Ed Tech newsletter a couple of weeks ago and a handful of people replied to me with questions about it. To answer those questions I recorded the video that is embedded below.

A few things to note about Pixiclip before you start using it. First, it seems to have some problems recording correctly on Surface Pro tablets. Second, make sure that you enable access to your computer's microphone before you start recording or you will have to re-record. Third, there is not an option to edit your video within Pixiclip.

Applications for Education
Pixiclip could be a good tool to use to create short instructional videos to share with your students. I like that it has a five minute time limit. Any whiteboard-style instructional video is likely to becoming boring after five minutes. It's better to have three short videos than one long video.

Your students can use Pixiclip to create videos to demonstrate that they understand how to solve a math problem. Have them explain the process while showing it on the screen. They can then share the links to their videos with you through a number of channels including Google Classroom.

Pixiclip is the tenth tool that I'm adding to my list of good tools for creating videos on Chromebooks.