Saturday, January 14, 2017

SeeSaw Now Supports Text Labeling - 15 Lesson Plans for Using Labels

SeeSaw, a great digital portfolio platform, recently added a new text label feature. The labeling tool in SeeSaw lets your students add text labels to any picture or diagram that they have stored in their portfolios. There are eight pre-made labels that students can apply to their pictures and drawings within SeeSaw. Students can also create their own custom text labels to apply to their drawings and pictures.

Text labels are available in the iOS and web versions of SeeSaw (Android version available later this year). Learn how to use the text label option in SeeSaw by watching the videos embedded below.

Applications for Education
SeeSaw offers fifteen lesson plans that utilize the text labels feature. Those lesson plans include explaining the steps of solving mathematics problems, practicing sight words, and explaining aspects of a piece of art.