Saturday, February 11, 2017

Videos With Little (and Not So Little) Kiddos

This is a guest post from Rushton Hurley, the founder of Next Vista for Learning and the author of Making Your School Something Special.

For many of us, student videos call to mind secondary, or perhaps upper elementary students putting together some creative thought about their learning.

Art teacher Tricia Fuglestad worked with her kindergartners to come up with messages about how to be kind. The result is a nice example of giving young students an understanding of their ability to share their voice, and perhaps even a sense of the responsibility that comes from that ability.

How I Can Be Kind

An interesting application of a video like this one is to have older students explain how the video would be different if they were to make it. What have they learned that would recognize a greater complexity in the world than kindergarten students tend to understand?

For older elementary students or middle schoolers, this could be about understanding what may be affecting the person to whom one is being kind. In high school classes, it could serve as a discussion about political messages within video and stories of kindness.

What might you do with this video or one like it?