Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why You Should Write Evergreen Blog Posts

The two reasons for giving up on a blog that I hear more than any other reasons are, "I don't have anything to write about" and "no one is reading my blog." Focusing on developing evergreen blog posts can help you solve both of those problems.

An evergreen blog post is a post that will have relevance to visitors to your blog over a long period of time. Another way to think of evergreen blog posts is to think about writing reference material.

An evergreen blog post for a classroom blog could be an outline of best practices for preparing for an exam. Or it might be a post for your students' parents in which you explain strategies for promoting independent reading at home. In both of these cases, these are posts that will be relevant and can be referenced throughout the school year.

Evergreen blog posts can be and should be updated from time to time. Writing an update is an excellent thing to do when you "don't have anything to write about." Revisit your evergreen post and write an update in the form of a new post that references your original post.

I'll cover this blogging strategy and many others in tomorrow's webinar, Winning Blog Strategies