Monday, April 3, 2017

Jeopardy Rocks Now As Factile - Jeopardy & Flashcards

A couple of years ago I featured Jeopardy Rocks. Recently, Jeopardy Rocks changed its name to Factile and added some more features.

At its core Factile is a free platform for creating Jeopardy-style game boards to use in your classroom. Factile lets you create games and save them in your account to use whenever you need them. When you create your game you can include images in the answer display. One of the new features is a gallery of templates for creating games. You can browse the template gallery and make copies of the ones that you want to use in your classroom.

The Jeopardy games in Factile are designed to be played by teams in your classroom. You control the board and award points when students answer correctly.

Factile's newest feature provides an option for creating flashcards out of your game questions. To use the flashcard mode just select that option instead of "play" when you load a game.

Applications for Education
The new flashcard mode in Factile could be good for students to use before you play a Jeopardy game with the whole class. Of course, the game gallery could prove to helpful to those of us short on time to create a review game from scratch.