Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Speak to Go - Explore the World With Your Voice in Virtual Reality

Speak to Go is a new Google WebVR experiment. Speak to Go lets you explore the world in virtual reality by just speaking the name of a place. Speak into Speak to Go and you'll be shown Street View imagery of that place. For example, I spoke the word "Maine" and I was quickly taken to Acadia National Park in Maine. Had I been more specific and said "Portland, Maine" I would have seen imagery of Portland.

Speak to Go is designed to be used with phones inside of virtual reality headsets. However, it can also be used in the Chrome web browser if you allow access to your microphone. The imagery isn't as immersive in the web version as in the VR version, but it is still good.

Applications for Education
Speak to Go is a nice option for exploring virtual reality imagery without the need to touch a screen or click a command. In the web version, Speak to Go makes exploring Street View imagery slightly more accessible to everyone.

H/T to Maps Mania for the link.