Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Padlet's "Focus Mode" Cuts Down on Confusion

On Monday I published a video about Padlet's new flowchart option. Today, I want to focus your attention on Padlet's new "focus" mode. Focus mode cuts down on distractions and confusion when a bunch of people are trying to add notes to the same Padlet wall at the same time. Now when you add a note to a wall that others are using, you will only see a small notification that someone else has added a note instead of that note instantly appearing on the screen. When you're done writing your own note hit refresh to see all of the notes that were added while you were writing your own note.

Applications for Education
For a long time one of the biggest sources of confusion for students using Padlet with a group has been seeing notes move while they're still trying to write. This new Focus mode should remove much of that confusion.