Friday, May 5, 2017

Practical Ed Tech Live - Recording and Questions

Yesterday, I hosted a new edition of Practical Ed Tech Live. If you missed it, the recording is now available to view as embedded below. The questions that I answered during the session are copied below the video.

1. I am presenting at a workshop and thought this would be a great application, but I created a classroom with my G Suite for Education account and attempted to join with my personal Gmail. No go. So I went the opposite way and created a Classroom with my personal Gmail (it worked) and tried to join with my G Suite for Ed account. Again, no go. The reason this is problematic is I assume teachers who are attending my workshop session may want to join my class with their professional account as I will be sharing Google-based resources. I plan to have them join with a personal Gmail and I have a back up plan... but just wondering if this is across the board or a setting my school district needs to flip on the admin site of G Suite. Thank you!

2. I would be so much grateful to you if you could help me please with the following tools : A tool to use to transcribe a recording : from voice to speech as you have just recently sent . I have recorded the responses of my informants in a semi- structured interview in Arabic . I'm looking for a tool that may help me transform that recording into a text and if possible to translate it into English. The second tool I'm looking for is a free software that can help in organizing and managing citations and bibliography.

3. Thank you for the information on Google Classroom. I just setup my first of several classes which I will be using in the Fall. My School district is way behind on technology and as of yet has not selected an online course management system. For this reason I've been on my own and until now I've been using OTUS. You mentioned that there would be some limitations with regard to the G Suite because it would not be included in the free version, I assume. I've been waiting for Google to open this up because I wanted to commit to one platform. Engrade was sold and now I sense that OTUS (using now) will do the same. Since I am a teacher will this version of G Classroom be limited. Will I have to upgrade and have to pay for the "Full version"?

4. A long time ago, I made a video using my iPhone on how to research by using the resources found on our library's webpage. Can you refresh my memory of resources that can do this?

5. I use Kahoot A LOT. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but we are moving to Windows 10 this week. Will I still be able to use all the Kahoots I made previously in Or do I have to create new ones in the Kahoot create app? I project from my computer and kids connect with Ipads.

6. I’m Mathematics teacher from Pakistan residing in Bahrain. I have done lots of search to find any reliable website to get extra worksheets for my students. Do you mind suggesting me any website where there are lots of test papers according to grade levels? Please help!