Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Six Hours of On-demand Professional Development

During the school year we tend to think to ourselves, “I’ll do some professional development during the summer.” Then the summer arrives and we find our schedules a little more busy than we expected. That’s when on-demand professional development is handy.

I offer six on-demand professional development webinars through Practical Ed Tech. You can download them and watch them when it is convenient for you. Some people watch in chunks while others will watch all at once. Either way, the choice is yours.

For the next five days all of my on-demand professional development webinars are available in one bundle for just $25. That’s six hours of PD that you can get at your leisure. This offer is valid until midnight on June 11th (Eastern Time).

The webinars included in this package are:

  • Search Strategies Students Need to Know
  • Fun Formative Assessments
  • Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners
  • Quick & Powerful Video Projects
  • Winning Blog Strategies
  • YouTube, It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy

This discounted bundle of professional development webinars is available until midnight (EDT) on June 11th. Click here to purchase today.

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