Monday, August 28, 2017

Front Row Offers New Science Units for the New School Year

Earlier this summer I featured Front Row's updated social studies units that complemented their existing language arts units. Over the summer Front Row expanded their offerings to include ten science units. Like all Front Row offerings within the new science units you will find multiple versions of the same article to distribute to your students. You can give the same version of an article to all students or give different versions to individual students in your classroom.

Front Row's ten new science units are designed for elementary school and middle school students. The ten new Front Row science units are:
  • Weather and Climate (K-2)
  • Ecosystems (K-2)
  • Forces and Motion (2-5)
  • Energy (3-5)
  • Space (3-5)
  • Structure and Properties of Matter (3-5)
  • Chemical Reactions (6-8)
  • Earth Systems (6-8)
  • Evolution (6-8)
  • Structure and Functions of Cells (6-8)
Applications for Education
Within each of the new science units you will find detailed lesson plans that include materials lists when necessary, videos, and articles to distribute to your students. 

Front Row has a short diagnostic test for your students to take when they join your Front Row classroom. The results of that diagnostic test can help you identify which version of each article to give to your students.