Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Solar System and Storyboards - Free Lesson Plans

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Storyboard That offers a robust platform on which students and teachers can create comics and storyboards. Even those who don't fancy themselves as artists can make great comics by utilizing Storyboard That's galleries of thousands of pre-made characters, scenes, and objects.

In addition to offering a great platform for creating graphics, Storyboard That offers more than one hundred free lesson plans covering topics in language arts, history, physical education, math, world languages, and science. With the solar eclipse coming later this month in North America, it's timely to share Storyboard That's lesson plans about the solar system.

Storyboard That offers free lesson plans for teaching solar system vocabulary, the planets, and a lesson about Galileo and theories about the solar system. Each lesson plan includes instructions and rubrics. The lesson plans also include templates for making storyboards in Storyboard That, but you could also just use paper and pencil to make the storyboard and have the same lesson plan outcomes.

Watch the videos in my playlist below to learn how to use Storyboard That.