Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Library of Congress Puts Hamilton's Papers Online

The Library of Congress has put their collection of Alexander Hamilton's papers online for the public. The collection of papers includes some of Hamilton's letters to family and friends, a draft of Washington's farewell address, and documents from Hamilton's law practice. Additionally, the Library of Congress has put together a simple timeline of Hamilton's life. These papers are available to view online and or download as PDFs to print and read offline.

Applications for Education
The Library of Congress has included some of Hamilton's papers in their primary sources sets for teaching about the Constitution. Included in those sets you will find analysis guides for students.

I am inclined to use Docs Teach to create analysis activities based on Hamilton's papers. In particular, I would use some of his papers on the creation of a mint and a national bank as part of lessons about the formation of early economic policies of the United States. Docs Teach lets you upload files to use in an interactive analysis activity that your students complete online.