Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Practical Ed Tech Handbook for 2017-18

For the last couple of years I have published a free PDF titled The Practical Ed Tech Handbook. Over the weekend I updated it to include some new resources, remove some older ones, and edited it to reflect recent updates to some favorite tools. Subscribers to the Practical Ed Tech newsletter received a copy on Sunday evening. Now I'm making it available to everyone reading Free Technology for Teachers. You can access the handbook as embedded below via

Applications for Education
If you're a tech coach/ tech integrator, consider using the Practical Ed Tech Handbook as a starting place for your next training session. Print a few copies then have folks look through it and circle the tools that they want to learn more about during your next workshop. I've done this at my own workshops quite successfully. And, of course, I would be happy to do this at your school too.