Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Padlet Now Has Voting and Grading Tools

Padlet has added a couple of new features that bring it even closer to being an all-in-one formative assessment tool. Padlet now lets you vote on the notes added to a wall and grade the notes added to a wall. This is all done through the new "reactions" setting in Padlet.

Voting on Padlet notes can be done through the use of a "thumb" icon, a "like" icon, or a star icon. The "thumb" icon will let your students vote up or vote down each note on a wall. The "like" icon just lets you show that you like a note. The star icon will let you give a star rating of one through five on a note.

It is now possible to add grades to notes on a Padlet wall. You can give a score of one through one hundred on each note on a wall. It's important to note that all students will see the scores. So you'll want to use the grading function only after all notes have been submitted and you have made the wall private.

Watch my short video embedded below to learn how to use the new "reactions" setting in Padlet.

Padlet is one of my favorite tools to use for formative assessment. Come to my webinar on Monday to learn more about how I use it and other formative assessment tools.