Saturday, October 21, 2017

Specialized Add-ons For Google Docs

Google Docs are already a wonderful tool to use in our classrooms. They allow us to work together and share our ideas with the world. But sometimes there are things that seem impossible to do in Google Docs. Before you give up and think that Docs just can't be used in your content area, check out some of these specialized add-ons.

  • Yob Graph Editor-  Allows you to plot data and insert the graph into a Google Doc. It provides plotting and regression functionality inside of the Doc which makes it easier to work with.
  • Easy Accents- Insert accents for different languages directly from the sidebar in a Google Doc.
  • VexTab Music Notation- Designed for writability. Easily add music notation, guitar tablature, and drum notation to your documents. Vex Tab tutorial
  • Auto-LaTeX Equations- Automatically convert mathematical equation in your doc into LaTeX images.
  • Chord Transposer- Transposes a document containing chords for guitar,  piano, etc.
  • Wizkids CAS- Use this add-on to plot graphs and solve equations. 

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