Sunday, October 8, 2017

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

The WWW Virtual Library System: International Affairs Resources is one section of the Virtual Library System. This site is a free academic internet directory which is supported by Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. This site, which is organised by volunteers, has over 2000 carefully selected links which have been annotated. These links are divided into 34 international affairs categories such as nongovernmental organizations, comparative and international education, and scholarly papers and articles.

This site is designed for anyone interested in researching international issues such as teachers, scholars, students, diplomats, or researchers.

Applications for Education
There are numerous ways this site can be used in education that it isn't possible to list all of them.  It can be used by students who are researching opportunities to study abroad, students who are learning to speak German, French, or Spanish, and students who are researching different regions of the world. Social studies teachers will find numerous links on this site to be useful. Librarians might want to consider including a link to this site on the webpage for their library and encourage students and teachers to utilize it.

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