Sunday, October 29, 2017

Typing Games to Improve Keyboarding Skills

There seems to be no shortage of typing games that help students develop their keyboarding skills. This collection of games are free, fun, and engaging.

  • Nitro Type- Improve your typing skills while competing from other typers from around the world.
  • Alphabet Rain- You must type the letters as the fall from the sky before they hit the ground.
  • Learn 2 Type- Type in a paragraph of text to see how many WPM you can type.
  • Outerspace Fleet Commander- Type words or groups of letters before they run into your spaceship. Three different levels to choose from.
  • Timed Typing Test- Type quickly and accurately to see how many WPM you can type. You can set to allow for backspacing or turn this feature off.
  • Typing on Ghosts- Type the letters that appear on the ghosts to make them disappear. 

Find even more typing games here and here.

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