Sunday, October 8, 2017

Typito - Simple, But Not Too Simple, Video Editing

Typito is a good tool for creating simple videos. Typito is designed for making audio slideshows like those you might have made in the old YouTube photo slideshow tool or with Animoto. Typito offers a bit more control over the editing process than Animoto does.

To get started on Typito you upload a picture or a video clip and then add a title for your project. After the initial file is uploaded you can upload more images and video clips. You can control how long each item is displayed in your video. Typito provides many options for placement of text over your images and videos as well as the style of the text that you use in your video. Finally, you can upload your own audio or use some of the music provided in the Typito library. Finished Typito videos can be downloaded to your computer, uploaded directly to your YouTube account, or shared via social media.

Applications for Education
Typito falls somewhere between the simplicity of Animoto and the complexity of a full-fledged video production tool. It could be a good tool for students to use for quick video projects like making book trailers or promotional videos for school events.

Typito is free to use. During your first week of use your videos will not have the Typito branding on them. After that you do have to pay to remove the Typito watermark.