Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Updates to Google Calendar

Google Calendar released some updates last week. If you have not already noticed these changes, you will see them very soon.

The new version of the calendar is more visually appealing and some features are easier to use. You can add new events to your calendar with a single on any open space. A double click on any open space allows you to add even more details about an event. Right click an existing to change the color, join the meeting, or delete it.

Another new option in Calendar is the ability to view event invitation status. The status will look different depending on how you have responded. A single color indicates you are attending the event. diagonal lines indicate you might be attending, an outline means you have not replied, and an outline that has the box crossed out indicates you have declined the invitation.

The settings page has been updated as well. This page used to be difficult to navigate because there were so many options and they were in one long list. Now they options are chunked into groups and there is a navigation tool on the page that allows you to jump from one section to another very quickly.

Read more about the updates on the Google Blog.