Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5 Ways to Use Google Earth & Maps Outside of Social Studies Lessons

When most teachers hear "Google Earth" or "Google Maps" they immediately think of history and geography lessons. While Google Earth and Google Maps are great for history and geography lessons, Earth and Maps are also powerful tools in other areas. Here are some ways that you can use Google Earth and Maps outside of social studies.

Physical Education
Google's My Maps tool can be used to plan safe bicycling and running routes.

Take a look at Tom Barrett's Maths Maps project for lots of ideas on using Google Maps in elementary school math lessons.

Space Exploration
Take a look at the lunar field trip Google Earth file available through Real World Math.

Environmental Science
Juicy Geography offers this demonstration of using Google Earth to identify sites for windmills.

Google Lit Trips continues to be a tremendously popular source of Google Earth files and lesson plans for teaching literature through the use of Google Earth.

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