Thursday, November 9, 2017

The StoryCorps Recording App Gets Updated Privacy Controls

StoryCorps offers a free app for recording interviews. I've used the app for a couple of years. In fact, I like it enough to include it in my Teaching History With Technology class. The one complaint that people have had about it is that your recorded interviews are automatically made public in the StoryCorps archives. That has recently changed.

In an email that I received this morning, StoryCorps announced that you can now use their free Android app or free iPhone app without having to publish your story publicly. You can now choose to make your recordings public or private.

Applications for Education
The best part of the StoryCorps recording app is that students can see questions while recording an interview at the same time. This can improve the flow of an interview to make it feel more like a conversation and less like a Q&A session. Speaking of interviews, StoryCorps is once again hosting The Great Thanksgiving Listen. The Great Thanksgiving Listen is an initiative to encourage people to record interviews with family members.