Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Another Neat Feature of Zoho Notebook

On Sunday I featured Zoho Notebook as an alternative to using Evernote or Google Keep. In that post I listed many of the features of Zoho Notebook including the options to draw notes and to record audio notes. One feature that I missed because I didn't discover it until today is the option to save entire PDFs into your Zoho Notebooks.

I discovered this feature today while doing some research on a mutual fund that I am thinking of adding to my IRA. When I opened the PDF in my web browser, Zoho Notebook automatically suggested saving it into one of my notebooks.

Applications for Education
Zoho Notebook's web clipper is an excellent tool for students to use to organize their findings into convenient notebooks. The option to add full PDFs into those notebooks could be used to students who need to reference whitepapers, journal articles, and other lengthy writings in their own research papers.